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First Step Line: 651.340.0086

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Stepping Stone Homes

Long-term homelessness is strongly associated with many chronic and acute health problems, it is not a choice or something that an individual can avoid. Our efforts in our homeless housing is very similar to our transitional housing. This gives individuals an opportunity to restart and rebuild. Stepping Stone offers a month to month lease with program guidelines and expectations required for everyone. We also offer ongoing support to these individuals that improve their stability and efforts to move forward in life. We understand some of the habits displayed are signs of struggle or survival due to time spent living in shelters or the streets. We are proud to have housed over one hundred people in only our short time in business. Apply today for you or someone you know struggling to find stable housing.  


Ending Homelessness

What we offer:

  • Communal Style Living
  • Flat Rate Rent 
  • Month to Month Lease
  • All Utilities Included in Rent
  • Fully Furnished 
  • Supportive Staff
  • Opportunity to Build Rental History

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